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Laboratory Audit Solutions is geared for all your consulting needs, including a personalized money saving plan for your lab.

Cost reductions in reagents and supplies can often be gained by consolidating platforms to one manufacturer across departments (toxicology and chemistry, for example). However, if the vendor has an excellent toxicology line but the chemistry testing line does not give the test menu needed or does not meet capacity or turnaround time requirements of the client, the cost reduction strategy can result in dissatisfied clients and lost revenue. Laboratory Audit Solutions does not sell equipment and will only suggest vendors to best meet your needs and standards.

All platform decisions should first start with an evaluation of client needs. The laboratory’s marketing focus can steer the manager to good decisions based upon the current client mix and the future goals of the organization. Not only evaluating the test order utilization but the client’s expected turnaround time will immediately identify if a certain instrument is a good fit for the laboratory.

Laboratory Audit Solutions creates cost reduction strategies that can be used to make the most of a laboratory’s purchasing power. Depending upon the laboratory’s situation, instrument purchase, instrument rental, reagent rental all are considered when making a plan to fit your company’s needs.

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